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Coppersmith Global Logistics
Consent to Screen Airfreight
Please be advised that L.E. Coppersmith, Inc. is an Indirect Air Carrier and subject to regulations implemented by the Transportation Security Administration. By utilizing the services of L.E. Coppersmith, Inc. for airfreight services, you understand and consent to security screening of all merchandise tendered as air cargo, whether directly to L.E. Coppersmith, Inc. or any of it's duly Authorized Representatives. Click here to download the consent letter.

Rate Quotations
Our experienced staff is able to quote prices for all types of cargo to almost any destination in the world. You supply the commodity, weight and measurements, and our staff can advise all costs involved from your door to the destination port or warehouse. We work with truckers, packers, and carriers worldwide to provide the exporter with the best services and the most competitive freight rates.

Booking/Freight Preparation
Once you have received an order, the Coppersmith staff becomes an integral part of your international traffic department. If the order comes in the form of a Letter of Credit, you should fax a copy of the Letter of Credit to Coppersmith so we can check the terms and conditions to ensure you will be able to comply and receive your payment. Once the order has been checked, we work with you to schedule the pick-up of the freight and delivery to the carrier in accordance with the terms of the credit or the order.

Automated Export System (AES)
Since the implementation of the Automated Export System (AES) by U.S. Customs and the Census Bureau, Coppersmith has been a leader in automated reporting. Being an AES certified user since the beginning, we have designed in-house edits that ensure accurate transmission of information to Customs, as well as to carriers. We work with our customers to be sure that the necessary
information is not only transmitted accurately but also timely to ensure compliance with export regulations. We are automated with government agencies, ocean carriers and customers. This allows information to be exchanged either directly through mainframes or the internet.

The Coppersmith export staff is trained to handle all types of export documentation. The export declaration, certificate of origin, phytosanitary certificate, commercial invoice, and packing list can all be generated from a database we have created on our in-house computer. Accurate documentation enables the bank to pay against a Letter of Credit promptly, and facilitates the delivery of goods through foreign customs without documentation delays for the overseas buyers. Accurate and timely documentation is one area that sets Coppersmith apart from less experienced forwarders.

Coppersmith is the leading freight forwarder of raw cotton from the United States. Handling cotton exports for fifty years has made us the experts in shipping cotton worldwide. Our staff can help the cotton shipper with the best rate, best service, and the best documentation available. Our relationships with truckers, warehouses, and ocean carriers mean our shippers get the treatment
and service they deserve in this very competitive industry.

Our knowledge of shipping cotton and the documentation requirements means your shipments reach your buyers timely, with proper documentation. Let our cotton experts be your export department.

Complete Service
Along with the above mentioned services, Coppersmith offers its shippers value added assistance such as Cargo Insurance, ranging from basic coverage to All Risk. Customized Reports: our in-house programmers are able to assist shippers with specialized computer reports of pending or past shipments as well as landed cost calculations. Free Advice: this part of our service is one which many of our customers use in order to make smart business decisions and promote additional international sales.

Let the Coppersmith export team help you with all your international shipping needs.

Our perishable department specializes in shipping commodities that need refrigeration or controlled atmosphere. This department has become a major player in the perishable market and is listed with three stars in the Produce Reporter "Blue Book". Attention to the very special needs of produce shippers is one of the many benefits of our service.

Providing our customers with rates as well as lifting reports, enables our shippers to provide their customers timely industry information and become an assets to their business. Accurate information as well as assisting with carrier information makes our service the best in the industry.

General Cargo
Export shippers of general commodities can benefit from our experienced staff in the general cargo department. This group handles all types of products. Starting with freight quotations including packing, trucking, and fumigation all the way through airfreight or ocean freight cost.

These professionals can handle small packages or full container loads. Included in this service is complete documentation including legalization and banking whether your shipment is on a sight draft or a letter of credit. We handle all your export needs. If you can sell it, we can ship it.

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