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Holiday Safety Protocols

The purpose of this C-TPAT Alert is to remind all C-TPAT Partners that holidays, like the upcoming Independence Day weekend, are notoriously high risk for manufacturing and logistics-related organizations. During Memorial Day Weekend of 2013, for example, “FreightWatch International recorded elevated theft levels 30.8% higher when compared to non-holiday weekends.” (2014 data not available yet)

While most people will be enjoying the holiday weekend off, thieves will be busy planning and conducting criminal activities – such as stealing cargo from unattended facilities or containers. Closed warehouses and unattended vehicles with assorted merchandise are key targets for thieves. The holiday weekend will provide cargo thieves a prime chance to strike. Below is a list of suggestions to help mitigate this threat:

  • Check security alarm and surveillance systems to ensure proper working order

  • Ensure batteries are fresh in exit doors and back up cellular phones (used to maintain alarm reporting if phone lines are compromised).

  • Perform perimeter checks, look at fencing or other types of barriers to ensure they are properly secured

  • Check perimeter lighting to ensure lights are on and replace any non-working fixtures. Review timer/sensor so that lights come on while facility is closed

  • Ensure company alarm call list is current and contains valid phone numbers. Require responsible persons to respond to all alarm calls, even when the system is suspected of malfunctioning

  • If necessary, contact law enforcement and ask for additional patrols in the area

  • Remove keys from all warehouse equipment (forklifts) and place in a secure location

Freight In-Transit on Long Distance Runs:
  • Do not leave tractors or trailers unattended in non-secure lots or locations

  • If forced to leave vehicles at a public facility (truck stop, etc.) pick one that is well lit and utilizes surveillance equipment. Park within view of a security camera

  • Secure the tractor and trailer with a steering wheel locking device, kingpin locks, glad-hand locks, or other security equipment

  • Put industrial strength padlocks on trailer doors and geo-fence your location for alerting dispatch if using GPS tracking technology

  • Do not leave keys inside tractor

  • Check on the unattended vehicles as frequently as possible

  • Notify dispatch of where and when vehicles have been dropped, and estimated time of return

Stay Alert, Be Safe, and Enjoy the Holiday Weekends!

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