Coppersmith Global Logistics

Coppersmith Global Logistics

Your import team at Coppersmith is comprised of specialists in all phases of classification, entry preparation and traffic. An experienced team leader will be your point of contact and is backed up by a knowledgeable import staff to keep you posted on the status of your shipments.

Automated Broker Interface (ABI)
Coppersmith transmits Customs entry information electronically to U.S. Customs via ABI U.S. Customs responds with an immediate electronic message showing cargo release status. We are currently receiving a large number of "paperless" releases in a matter of minutes. ABI also allows us to access the U.S. Customs' database in a number of areas including: importer bond information, harmonized tariff numbers and current quota status.

Automated Clearinghouse (ACH)
Coppersmith offers importers the option of paying required duties electronically to U.S. Customs from their own bank account. We can provide the importer with daily reports of these balances due or withdrawn by U.S. Customs.

Online Tracking & Tracing
Coppersmith offers on-line tracking & tracing via our Coppersmith Web Site. Customers with valid passwords for the secure area of the site may quickly and efficiently obtain the most current shipment status available.

Customs Bonds
Coppersmith Inc. can provide importers with Customs Bonds, a requirement of U.S. Customs on import shipments. We offer single transaction bonds to companies that do not import on a regular basis and continuous bonds, which renew annually to companies importing regularly.

Cargo Insurance
As licensed insurance brokers, we can provide All Risk insurance coverage at very competitive rates from origin to destination under our open cargo policy. We can also arrange individual special risk coverage for your product shipped via ocean or air. Just tell us that you want insurance coverage prior to departure from overseas and we will make sure you are covered.

Inbound Logistics
Coppersmith can make arrangements to handle your shipments from your shipper's warehouse to your door by ocean or air. Give us the details of the shipment and we will provide you with international transportation quotations and coordinate all the shipping arrangements.

Warehousing & Distribution
Coppersmith Inc. is a full service warehousing and distribution company, specializing in the handling of import and export cargo by air and by ocean. For our clients with warehousing and distribution needs, we offer competitive rates as well as an experienced and reliable staff to ensure quality customer service.

For our import clients, we offer door to door distribution service nationwide via air freight, truck-LTL, full truckload and rail. We will monitor your shipment from overseas, through Customs clearance and delivery to our warehouse. We will unload your shipment and prepare for over-the-road trucking, local delivery, or nationwide distribution. Should palletizing and shrink-wrapping be necessary, Coppersmith Inc. has the ability to fill your every need.

For our exporters, we will pick up the goods from your supplier, deliver to the local CFS Station or bring to our warehouse and load into the container for drayage to the harbor or airline. We provide personalized service to our customers and monitor every shipment from the point of pick up to destination.

For any warehouse or distribution needs you may have, please call your local Coppersmith Inc. office.

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