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Why Become a C-TPAT member?

In response to the threat to our Nation's Ports and supply-chains being used as conduits for terrorists and their weapons, U.S. Customs & Border Protection offers a voluntary supply-chain security program for importers, brokers, carriers, and other eligible entities. The program, referred to as the "Customs - Trade Partnership Against Terrorism" or C-TPAT, recognizes that in order to improve, protect, and strengthen the cargo supply chain, the involvement of all members of the trading community is required.

L.E. Coppersmith, Inc. is a C-TPAT Custom Broker.
We have been certified and validated.
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C-TPAT, offers businesses an opportunity to be an active participant in the war against terrorism. There are more than 10,000 companies participating in C-TPAT and many more are in the process of joining.

To become a member of C-TPAT takes a real commitment of time and resources from a company. As a return the participating companies also get direct and indirect benefits from becoming a member of C-TPAT other than being active in the movement against terrorism. What CBP expects from C-TPAT members is to make a commitment towards the common goal of creating a more secure and efficient supply chain through this partnership.

Benefits of Participation

According to Customs, the chief benefits of participation in C-TPAT are:
  • Eligibility for participation in special programs, such as:

  • Importer Self-Assessment Program (ISA) and removal from audit pools;

  • Participation in Customs' new Automated Commercial Environment (ACE);

  • Account-based bimonthly/monthly payments;

  • FAST program on the US/Canada and US/Mexico borders;

  • A reduced number of inspections (reduced border times);

  • An assigned account manager;

  • Access to the C-TPAT membership list;
More importantly perhaps, participants avoid the possible consequences if they do not participate, such as increased chances for:
  • Greater scrutiny of cargo;

  • Added examinations;

  • Requests for information;

  • No guarantees for cargo processing times; and

  • Increased reviews and audits.
C-TPAT is a highly recognized application that has been developed and launched by CBP, and many companies are participating and see the mutual benefit. So if you are an importer, why not become C-TPAT certified, and you see the value that it adds to your company.

To participate, importers, brokers, carriers, and other eligible entities must submit a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and a Supply Chain Security Profile Questionnaire.

C-TPAT requirements are tailored to the needs of each company, so that the package of C-TPAT benefits can be different for each participant.

In order to obtain maximum C-TPAT benefits as quickly as possible, and to minimize supply chain disruption, importers should seek outside assistance in conducting the security self-assessment and in completing the questionnaire responses. Of course, all companies are advised to review the questionnaire with outside counsel prior to submission to Customs.

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