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On August 17, 2011, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) issued a final rule in the Federal Register, stating that effective September 30, 2011, CBP will cease the issuance of courtesy notices of liquidation for those importers of record that file their customs entries using the Automated Brokerage Interface (ABI) system.

Under the current system, CBP issues an electronic courtesy notice to the ABI filer, usually the customs broker or agent of the importer of record, and a paper copy to the importer of record. Although these notices are not the official notice of liquidation and are not mandated by statute, they nonetheless serve as a significant compliance tool in tracking the status of customs entries. By statute, importers of record have 180 days from the date of liquidation to object to decisions of CBP by generally filing administrative protests pursuant to 19 U.S.C. 1514 and the related customs regulations. CBP describes the effort as one to streamline the notification process and reduce mailing costs. The only "official" notice of liquidation remains as the one posted at the Customs House at the ports of entry where the entries were filed.

Coppersmith’s courtesy liquidation monitoring service is an inexpensive way of keeping track of any entries that may have liquidated. This service provides a twice weekly liquidation report of entries liquidated with or without a change.

Our standard rate for this service is $50.00 per month. Billing will come as a separate monthly statement. For smaller importers who do not have regular weekly shipments we will negotiate an annual prepaid fee.

If you wish to receive all liquidation information regardless of what Brokers are handling your entries you may appoint Coppersmith the National Importer Liquidations (NILS) designee. Coppersmith will then provide all Liquidation Information for $75 per month.

Complete the National Importer Liquidation (NIL) Hold Harmless Agreement Submit this to Upon receipt and processing of the application, CBP will direct all Courtesy Notices of Liquidation to Coppersmith, regardless of the number of different Customs Brokers utilized by the importer.

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